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Use Cases

Discover the different use cases of Catena-X – from small businesses to large corporations.

These include, for example, business partner data management, the traceability of parts, the CO2 footprint of products, the circular economy, as well as battery and product passports.

The Use Cases are subdivided into the following subcategories, which can be filtered in the list view:


Find out how component traceability in Catena-X can limit quality issues and reduce warranty costs along the entire value chain.

Quality Management

Explore how the combination of field and production data in Catena-X can be used for data-based root cause analysis and thus improve the early warning of quality issues.

Product Carbon Footprint (PCF)

Discover how Catena-X supports the comparability and acceptance of the carbon footprint while complying with regulatory requirements.

ESG-Monitoring (LkSG)

Gain insight into how Catena-X facilitates transparency in ESG data reporting and supports supply chain diligence.

Circular Economy / Product Pass

Find out how Catena-X can be used to capture product information relevant to the circular economy in a data ecosystem.

Business Partner Data Management (BPDM)

Learn how you can reduce data maintenance effort and improve quality with complete and validated business partner data in Catena-X.

Demand & Capacity Management (DCM)

Get an overview of how Catena-X contributes to security of supply by detecting problems and capacity bottlenecks at an early stage.

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