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Welcome to your virtual tour of our library! Here you can browse through our extensive inventory and discover information about Catena-X in various formats.

During the tour, you can navigate through different categories and explore interesting topics. We hope you find documents that spark your curiosity.


1. Catena-X Eco-System

Find out more about the Catena-X Eco-System.

What is the motivation? How is it structured? Which overarching technical elements does it include? Who are the stakeholders? Where in the world does Catena-X take place?

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2. Use Cases

Discover the different use cases of Catena-X.

These include, for example, business partner data management, the traceability of parts, the CO2 footprint of products, the circular economy, as well as battery and product passports.

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3. Participation

Learn more about the opportunities for participating in Catena-X.

You want to find out about the technical connection? You are looking for information on integrating Catena-X into your business processes? You wish to participate in the further development of Catena-X?

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4. Transfer & Communication Concepts

Explore proven concepts for communicating Catena-X.

You want to offer your employees or customers an interactive experience? You are interested in communication and information formats that can be used within the company?

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